Schematic Design and Construction Services

Thermal Fox has developed & perfected an in-house design/build construction approach. In conjunction with the design team Thermal fox will work with clients to develop a plan that is functional & financially viable. The benefits of Thermal Fox Design/Build are:

  • Single point of accountability: All responsibility – for accuracy, completeness of plans, quality of construction, project coordination and costs – rests totally on Thermal Fox.
  • One contact for all questions: The project manager, who oversees every phase from design through project completion, has full decision-making authority.Just one call takes care of any concern.
  • Design efficiency: Our construction, architectural and engineering expertise dovetails perfectly, ensuring maximum design efficiency and value for the owner.
  • Superior teamwork: Because we maintain control over both design and construction, each step flows smoothly into the next, and everyone works together for the common good of the project.
  • On the fast track: Design and construction can proceed simultaneously when necessary, helping get owners into their new facility faster and reducing interim financing costs.
  • Ongoing communication: Superb lines of communication – from weekly meetings to daily email and phone calls – ensure that issues are resolved immediately.